October 14, 2014


disclaimer: picture found on weheartit.com

Some of you know that I started college and so I decided to write a post about organising yourself in the times of the exams or just throughout the year because that I something I really need at the moment. Even because this whole college thing is all new to me and I need some help. If you are curious about those 3 magical tips, then continue reading.


No one can go wrong with organizers. You can make a schedule and write ANYTHING down.. This way you do everything on time and you will not forget a thing. There are different types of organizers:
                   - MONTHLY: they show one month only on one page
                   - WEEKLY: they show one week on one page
                   - DAILY: they have one day on one page

I prefer using the last one as it looks more organized, I can write a lot of things down and it looks more spacious. If you have a chance to buy one for yourself- DO IT. You can even make one and you have your own personal organizer. All you need it as a small notebook, ruler and some highlighters. You draw squares in the notebook and color up every day of the week... ent VOILA


Now that you have your organizer take the time to organize everything. A lot of people just start doing stuff whenever they think it's good.  If you take your calendar and go through it you will see exactly how much time you have and when is the best time to start to study or whatever you have on your schedule. Time is the most valuable thing in your life and if you schedule it you will have better results and more time to do something else - in my case: I have more time for writing this post (wink).


Do not be one of those people who don't know why they are doing this they do (that used to be me). Your own personal goal makes organising easier. If you know what you want to do in your life then organising yourself will the easiest thing to do. For example: if you want to become a proffesional blogger (sounds tempting) then you will have to take some writing or picture lessons and if that's not enough you have to do college stuff (I study English and comparitive literature) - going to classes, seminars,.. and that also takes time. You already know you will have to study a lot and still find time to come up with a new posts for your blog. When I see all that I know I will have to organize my time big time. When you have a goal everything makes sence.

For most of you these tips are obvious but if you look at the bigger picture maybe you'll  start to think differently and try to follow these three simple hints. If I knew this was somehow connected maybe I would use my time better and wouldn't study untill 3AM for my finals in high school. I really hope anyone who needs this will read this post and I am almost positive it'll help you if you stick to it.

Let me know if you agree with these tips and tell me some of your secrets to achieve your goal.