November 09, 2014


Soooo I have something so ordinary to show you: Rainy Autumn outfit. Who would have imagined that I have something like that to show you. Okay just kidding. I shot this outfit a while ago and right now is the perfect time to show it to you since it's pouring rain and I don't have anything to do at the moment (lying-I should be studying and now I see I am the laziest person in the entire world).

I am currently listening to Selena Gomez's new song and I think she did a great job. I am in the kind of mood where I just want to write and tell you guys random things about me. Well that would be a TMI Tag but it's not that kind of post so we'll just have to stick to my outfit idea. I decided to get more organized with my blog because I will have a lot of school work and I bet I will want to post a lot on my blog also but if I am not organized this won't be possible. So I should think of the next posts that I would like to post and be prepared in advance. Yey that is possible but only if I start right now-write some thoughts in my planner-who would've known I already have some ideas. That's so not me. Ah well we'll see how it turns out. Now I leave you with my outfit and your thoughts on it. 

Have a lovely day.