November 06, 2014


Yet another one of the outfits I wore in Belgrade. I wanted to show you my shirt that I recently purchased and is in my HAUL POST

I am currently exploring the benefits of a smart phone and I am constantly on Instagram, Tumblr, Weheartit... I know that's not good and it is a bit addicting and soon I will need help (just kidding) but I really enjoy in all of these apps and recently I downloaded Snapchat and I am also exploring that. As for blog, fashion related apps I only use Bloglovin' for now. I really do not know any apps that would be good and fun and related to fashion of course. If you know any and you really enjoy using them then I would be most happy, if you shared with me some of it so I can check it out.

On to the outfit. I wore this black and white shirt which is very light and a bit sheer but I wear it with a white basic top underneath. I paired it with some treggings that I must say are SOOO comfortable and perfect for those days when you're a tourist and you are out all day and you walk all day. As for my shoes I wore baby pink loafers that are not as comfortable as someone would think but it was still bearable. Of course I added some accesories and this time I opted for a simple gold heart-shaped necklace to just spicy things up a little bit. A small black shoulder bag is perfect if you do not want to carry to much stuff and it is great for your shoulder since it is not that heavy *wink*
Over the shirt I wore a loose grey sweater but it is not seen in the pictures.

Hope you liked my outfit and let me know some great apps about fashion. Till next time...


  1. I like your outfit, the t-shirt is so cute

  2. such a cute outfit

    Check me out

  3. Hey girl! As always, I love your post! Just wanted to let you know that I finally got my GFC fixed and people can follow me now! Yay! Hope all is well!


  4. Love the outfit!

    Renee |

  5. That's a great top. I love the black and white.
    :) Alice

    1. Me too! ;-)
      Do you know the app Stylicious? It's something I rely on:


  6. Love the necklace, it's so cute!
    Lovely outfit :)

  7. Very cute outfit :D

    ~ Lu


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