November 19, 2014


Since winter is coming or has already come in some of the countries I decided to do a little list of WINTER ESSENTIAL that are very useful to me and help me get through the least favorite season of the year. Some of the things are actually useful but some are just perfect for winter and that is why included them. Lets get into it!


Now I don't know for you guys but my lips tend to dry very quickly in the winter and I start biting them and that makes everyhing worse. So when I start to bite lips in these cold days, that is a signal for me that I need to pull out my favourite lipbalm and take care of the problem. When I have lipbalm on my lips I never bite them because I don't like the taste of it so it is a great solution for everyone.


Like my lips the hands are no exception. I don't know why but it feels like everytime I get out in the cld weather and it is a bit windy outside my hands get SO dry and a small layer of my skin starts to crack and that is the worst feeling I can get. I use hand cream when I come home and before bed. But don't use it too often or when you don't have a dry skin because then you actually do get dry skin even if you didn't have it before (learn from my mistake).


I don't know what's wrong with me but I just love scarfs. No matter which I just love them. My favourite scarves are chunky ones and that feeling when you go out and you have a scarf around your neck is just so nice + it keeps you insanely warm. It is a good investment and they don't cost much.


Coats are my favourite things when I go out because they make me feel so sophisticated and fancy. I love wearing basic one-black and if I add a chunky scarf, my whole outfit looks better. I do prefer coats to winter jackets (just so you know). When you add some boots with high heels and a cute bag, you achieved the perfect winter look.


I know books aren't essential just for winter (I actually like reading all year long) but I really like when you come home in the evening and you see you have some spare time and instead of watching TV you can just lay in bed, cover yourself with a fluffy blanket and read. Outside is snowing but you're inside safe and warm with a good book.

6) TEA

Since I am not a coffee person, I drink tea. I think we all like tea a lot and it is made for winter. You can choose from different flavours and add anything you like-milk, honey, cinnamon... My favourite tea at the moment is Rooibos tea with caramel. Teas go perfectly with the book you're reading and it relaxes you after a hard-working day.


Yes music is a must for those days when you just want to relax, have a warm bath and listen some good music. I am currently loving Taylor Swift and Echosmith. 

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So these are my winter essentials. Let me know if you have something similar or something else that  is indespensable for you to use in winter.
Till next time...


  1. Lovely post, I like it!

  2. Me ha encantado esta lista <3 Es tan adorable!! Lo mejor, los libros y el té, como dices, un día de lluvia, en la cama con la manta y un libro se lleva mucho mejor :D

  3. Agree with everything on this list haha! I was thinking about doing a winter essentials post on my blog :) Tea is an absolute essential, and coffee too! Love this post x

  4. the burberry scarf is life

    check me out

  5. Lovely post! You say you read all year around, what's your favourite books?

    xx Emma,

  6. EOS is on my wish list.
    Books, tea and music <3

  7. Yes, all of this is needed :)) xx

  8. I agree with everything- these are definitely must-haves for winter! :) xx Maja

  9. these are definitely must have essentials! x

  10. These are definitely must haves for winter!


  11. Beautiful post!!

  12. my fave lip balms are Alba Botanica and Burt's Bees... EOS just wasn't moisturizing enough for me...


  13. I absolutely love this post! Totally agree with you on the 'tea' front, I am a huge tea drinker too and cannot live without it or hot chocolate or coffee during winter! I have also recently done a Winter Essentials post too, can't believe how close December is now :D Katie xx


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