November 24, 2014


I have another outfit post for you. Right now it's freezing outside and it's not even below zero celsius. I have a lot of work with school and my sister and I are making some youtube videos and it't taking me a lot of time. I still like to just dress up and make some pictures or just talk about random things. I still have some new clothes that I haven't showed you guys yet so here they are. I kind of left bright colours out and I don't really know why... I guess maybe because I always wanted to look more sophisticated and am trying to complete this kind of style. I am far from that but I try to get some pieces that actually look nice.

On to the outfit: I wore a black and white jumper which is from New Yorker, next are my jeans that are from C&A and have a little zipper at the end of them. Next are the boots that are from H&M and are just plain black booties with chunky heels. They're very comfortable and easy to walk in. Next is my coat so that I don't freeze in this timeof the year. It is also from H&M and I bought it a long time ago but it is still very good for me. To add a pop of colour I added ombre scarf because I realised I was very monochrome.For my accessories I had a black clutch with some zipper detailing. I also showed a book that I just got and am eager to read it.

Let me know if you liked the look and let me know if you read this book: Elanoir & Park by Rainbow Rowell and what you thought of it.