November 02, 2014


As I am writing this it is already November and I am a bit late with this post but it is here anyway. You know at the beginning of every month I write something about that month: what I like, what it reminds me of etc. So for November I am left almost speechless but do not worry I wrote ALMOST *wink*
I do not have anything against it it is just the fact that winter comes along and everything gets worse. I really cannot stand winter. If I am home in my bed, drinking cocoa and watching an awsome movie, then it is okay, but if I am outside freezing, then I just cannt stand it-I am cold, I do not feel my toes and the worst part of all I am wet from all the snow...
November for me is like a preperation for December which is one of the most festive months of them all. And it is also a beginning of a winter if I may say so even though it is still autumn. At least where I come from it gets colder and days are shorter... I wish I could go to Australia for this time of the year because winter is my least favourite season of them all. I would love to celebrate New year there too as I think it would be such an amazing experience. Anyways enough about that. Today's post is all about our lovely November. Lets see what pictures I chose for this month.

Everything cozy and soft is important to survive the beginnings of a cold weather.

Hot drinks are indespensable for the days to come.

I also need anything that provides heat. Wish I had a fireplace as it looks so warm and cozy.

This is how I see November. The frost and the cold are about to attack.

One of the things I do love when it gets cold are sunsets. Again indespensable.

There you have it my devoted readers. This is how I see November and the things I cannot miss in this time of the year. If someone is very fond of this month, please tell me how to like it more and tell what is it that you like about it so much. Till next time...

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