November 17, 2014


One day a got a comment on of the previous posts that I should do/write about things I am passionate about and the reader specifically said to write about the books I read and like (I guess I talked something about it). So as you can tell from the title of this blog I will mention some of the books that are currently on my reading list (beside the ones for college) and my all time favorites. I really hope you will like this kind of post as this is one of the things I  really like to do. I don't usually tell anyone what I read at the moment because I always think only a small group of people are interested in it but then I remembered that I am one of those people who love to see what is on smeone else's reading list. With that thought I decided to do this post and hope many readers will find this interesting.

On my current reading list are series called Beautiful Dead and The Immortals. Beautiful Dead was written by Eden Maguire and The Immortals by Alyson Nöel. Both of them are fiction and romance type of books. I think both of the authors did a terrific job on these series. I still have 1 book out of 4 to read from Beautiful Dead and I already read the Immortals series. I actually re-read the first book as it it so well-written and everything in the book is so nicely described. All in all if you love romance and a bit of action combined, then this is a series for every teenager. As for Beautiful dead I read first two books in one day but then I stopped because I didn't want the series to end so quickly. The only downfall to this series is the fact that is short. It needs to be longer. I wish I knew the author... 

Now it is time for the old classics of mine. Just a few of the books I read probably 10 times already. The first two books are from a very well known author who actually made novels the best genre to read. She is no other then Jane Austen (who would've thought ha?). Well the two books that I love from her are called Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. You all very well know that actually all of her novels are romance and all of them have a happy ending. I read that the happy endings got to do with the fact that she never had a happy ending in love herself. I absolutely looove her novels and I also saw Northanger Abbey movie directed by Jon Jones and a Pride and Prejudice mini TV-series from 1995 ( I prefer this to a movie which is a bit too short).
The last book that I read loads of times is by an author who got famous with this seires. She is called Stephenie Meyer and her book is called Twilight. I know there's been a lot of hate to this series but I personally think books are so well written and the author did an amazing job with the story itself. There is nothing that you can do to convince me that that is not a good book. I really admire Stephenie Meyer and I think she has an amazing writing style. This is a Sci-Fi and a romance. I love the concept of the book and I never get tired of this book. I read every book from this serie but I think the first one I read the most.

So there you have it. I put myself out there and my reading list and I really hope you like it. These are just a few of the books I love. I think I should also mention that my taste in books changes all the time and I currently read fiction. I would love to know some of your all time favourite books and your favorite genre to read. If you want, you can leave some suggestions in the comments.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Amazing books, love these :)) xx

  2. Always interesting to read book recommendations!
    xx Anka

  3. I love the evermore series, but I got to the second to last book and stopped because I couldn't find any libraries that had it. I need to reread and see the ending

    check me out

  4. Genial, me gusta ver de vez en cuando recomendaciones de este estilo, de libros, películas, música... es algo diferente y nunca viene mal, así conocemos un poco más a la persona que está detrás de la pantalla ^^

  5. Love seeing what others are reading!
    My favorite author is James Patterson. He writes mostly crime/thrillers.


  6. I read the Immortals series, but haven't actually finished it.. the main character is seriously so annoying...



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