January 03, 2015


It's freezing out here and I am not a cold person-HELP. This morning I went to town with my sister and it was SO cold I didn't think I would survive. I am not exaggerating a bit. Anyways I decided to write this post in advance because I am 100% sure I will be running out of time this next two months due to my exams so I am preparing myself and making new posts and studying and just being productive.

So today my sister took some photos of me in the mall. I was so happy to be somewhere where it's warm so that I could warm myself up. I knew it would be very cold that day so I was wearing some treggings with high knee socks but I didn't pull them all the way to my knees. Then I had a basic long grey top and over it a lovely white sweater from H&M and. Don't judge me I also put over a white cardigan (crazy I know but I was still cold). For my accessory I added an infinity scarf in burgundy colour and that's it. Oh and of course a winter jacket and ankle boots... oh and a knitted hat and a pair of black gloves. I just kept it casual and comfortable as much as possible. I do love comfortable things.

Let me know what's your favourite thing that keeps you comfortable and is perfect for those cold days. Have a great day lovelies.

If you are wondering who takes these breath-taking pictures then you can check her out HERE