January 30, 2015

A Day In Life | JustABriefMoment

Hello let's take a break from fashion related posts and let's write about random things. This time I decided to write about a day in life. Just a random day where my sister and I went shopping and just some girly things. I didn't know that it was that hard to take a picture randomly when I'm doing smething. I literally forgot and now I am left out with just a few pictures that I really hope you guys will like and enjoy.

 Got to have a small breakfast. This time I went for some toast.

 A touch of makeup-foundation, a bit of mascara by Maybelline and a good old lipstick by Misslyn.

 This was my outfit of the day. Seperate post about will be on soon. It was a bit chilly though...

 This was my reward after 3 hours of shopping-Mexican food: Burrito mmm...

 This just had to be done. I've bought Voss water so that I would drink more fluids and since I saw a lot of people putting fruit in it, I decided I had to do this and I LOVE IT.

The last picture shows what I actually bought and I'm quite content with it. I bought a new notebook for my ideas for blog, markers, Nose stripes, new mascara, Garnier Micelar water, Borjouis concealer and of course Voss water. I bought s little but the best thing for me is this glass bottle eeeep..

You'll also see that that was just a part of my day. Right now I'm excited to see and try out all the products that I've got. But before that I am writing this post for you guys and I really hope you like it. I'll see you next time with a special post about something familiar to us all.

 Love -L