July 06, 2015


That heat wave is real guys. Don't get me wrong I love summer and everything that goes with. What I don't like is people complaining about it. I mean it's summer it's supposed to be hot and sunny and all that. Oh well, I guess not everyone likes the summer. I can't blame you but don't you just love warm evenings and late sunsets and you can be out at 10 pm and the sun will just go down. You just gotta love the summer. And don't get me started on beautiful sunsets at the seaside-perfection. Anyways sorry for such a lack of posts. I am a living mess. I study and sometimes I'm just too lazy to get up and turn on the computer and write a post. I know I'm not a good blogger ;)
But here I am and with a new outfit post. I don't have a lot of colours but this burgundy bag from Zara (which is Maja's btw... shhh don't tell anyone). It's quite a simple outfit if you wear it with flats but here's the twist - if you decide on wearing heels, then you have yourself a classy, chic outfit and people will start taking you more seriously. I love the combination of the printed shorts and a see-through blouse. Let me know what you guys think about it. Talk to you very soon I promise :D

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