July 27, 2015


Hey guys I'm back from holiday. Now I am back into blogging and preparing more fun material for you. I still have a few more moments to enjoy my summer vacation and that means taking a lot of pictures, styling new outfits,... For now I want to show you this cute updo that I did. You basically do 3 regular braids-two on each side and one down the middle. Then you roll the middle one to look like a flower (in my head at least xD) and then you simply at the other two underneath the middle one. I used a few pins for this hairstyle, but that is actually all you need and clear elastics to secure the ends of the braids. I love this hairstyle because my hair is not all over my face and I don't feel hot since it's summer and the temperatures are insanely high. That's it for now guys. I hope you like and I'll see you soon. Enjoy your day :D

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