July 23, 2015


Hi guys :)

I am still in Croatia and this is another pre-made post. I recently purchased these amazing overalls. I wanted one for so long time. Originally I wanted them to be long but since it is summer, I decided for the shorter version and I have to tell you that I am glad I chose them.I wear them all the time and I always pair them with a crop top and this is by far my favourite summer outfit. I am not exaggerating if I tell you that I wore it at least twice a week in July. They're so comfortable and they bring back memories of childhood, when we used to wear it all the time. My favourite thing about it would probably have to be the buttons and the way they function. I am obsessed with that.

Like I said, I like to pair them with crop tops and honestly I think it works out perfectly. Because of the length of it, you don't have to worry about untucked T-shirt and things like that. So I took this lovely striped crop top and some basic sandals with these wide straps- I really like the brown and gold combination of it. I also added a small dark blue bag only to put in the things you need - a phone some money, a pair of sunglasses. I have to tell you guys that overalls are my new favourite obsession and I think I will not get tired of them for some time ( I think).

Let me know what you guys think about overalls and how would you style them. Have a great day :)

Overalls: C&A ( similar here)
Crop Top: C&A ( similar here )
Sandals: Deichmann ( Here )
Bag: H&M

Photos by: MAJA

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