July 19, 2015


Hope you're having a great start of the week. I am currently on vacation in Croatia. I think I deserve some 'me' time and relax and enjoy my time with friends. I will be very brief and will leave with a set of pictures that were made last week.

Not long ago, I was watching Cinderella and it was so cute. I was immediately drawn to the hair Cinderella was wearing, so I decided I should try and atempt to do something similar to that. It's not the hairstyle that she wore to the ball, but the one that she had on a daily basis. I guess this hairstyle is inspired by this movie. I just think it's so cute. Oh and it's not as messy as her's.

Basically what I did is I made one braid on each side of the head and pinned them at the back of the head. I did the dutch version of a braid because I just LOVE the 3D effect. The only thing that I didn't do, is add some flowers in the hair or a flower crown. So guys if you ever make a hairstyle that would look great with a hair accessory, then I definitely suggest you add something. It'll look great and amazing for summer.

So now enjoy the pictures and tell me if you watched the movie. See you soon with another post.

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