July 30, 2015


Hi everybody.
Today I wanted to show you something a little bit different and that is MY SUMMER PICKS, which basically means what I've been wearing the most this summer. I am aware that summer is not over yet, but I still wanted to show you guys. I have been obsessed with these things and I can't stop wearing them. So to make things a little more interesting I made 4 collages so that you can visualize it easier and I kind of separated them into categories. Now let's begin our quest :D

1) Here's the first collage, which is built out of tops. Oh and a special pair of pants.
This summer I got obsessed with crop tops and I don't know why but I guess it has to do with a new pair of dungarees. I love wearing something of a shorter length because summer is so hot and it feels so good when I have a loose crop top. Another piece of clothing that I have been obsessed with, these last couple of days, are loose jumpers. It's gotten a bit chilly here and it's raining and the best thing that I like to wear are these jumpers. They're os cozy and I love the ones that are slightly oversized. I could stay in them forever ;)
The next thing are printed T-shirts. I love pairing them with statement necklaces and a pair of skinny jeans. And of course my dungarees. They're my latest obsession and I am not kidding if I tell you that I wear them non-stop. They're so laid-back and cozy and they remind me of my childhood, so no wonder I love them.

2) The next collage consists of accessories. I literally never leave the house without any of these-necklace or a ring. I adore chunky rings and of course midi rings. I think midi rings have been on the market for quite some time now, but Leja will start wearing a lot later. Oh well, let's say I'm special and not late in these sort of things. Okay but I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about midi rings. Necklaces are my favourite piece of accessorie and if I had to choose between any of them, I would definitely choose my collection of necklaces which is still growing. I have this thing about layered necklaces and if they are also statement, then that's a big plus. Love love love ❤️‍

3) This collage is a bit girly and there's not much to say about it. Out of all dresses or skirts, skater ones are my favourite to wear and this summer was no exception. I wore them on vacation and I still wear it. I don't like bodycon dresses because I am just not yet confident about them. Anyways I love pairing skater skirts with converse or if I want to look more girly, I'll add a pair of wedges.

4) And the last summer obsession are my beautiful bags. I love having different types of bags and in this collage you can see the ones I've been wearing the most and been of course obsessed with. Backpacks are a must right now for me. I love that I can put it on both of my shoulders and get that school-ish vibe. I also really like that they look super trendy and fashionable. My favourite ones are leather. I also love having clutches for short trips and when I go to college, I take big handbags a.k.a. Shoppers. Shoulder bags got me hooked this summer because when I go out I don't need a lot of things and because of it I need a smaller bag. I have the exact one as in this picture and it's the perfect size for me. I also really like that it has a shape, If you're wondering this one's from Accessorize and you can check it out here.

*Disclaimer: All pictures were found on Google.com*

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