July 17, 2015


''I think that when you're in doubt on how many colours should you have in one outfit, then you can simply build the whole look around one colour and go from there.''

I have another outfit post for you guys. My sister and I have organized ourselves and are trying to dedicate more time for blogging. We go out in the morning before it's too hot and we shoot different outfits that we prepare the day before. I have to tell you guys that this way is so much easier and you can do a lot of work At the end of the day you know you used your day and did some good work. I love being organized and having plans but I got to admit I am not the right perso for that. I would rather just sleep until 10 AM and do nothing all day. Still I am somehow aware that if I need to do something, then I'l do it and in the end I'll feel so good. I just love when the job is done.

So, yesterday, my sister and I went to Ljubljana to do take some shots of our outfits. We found this amazing location which was renovated not long ago and we decided we should use it. We went back there this morning because it's really nice. As for my outfit, I wore this black summer dress with small leather detailing on my collar and a front pocket (leather again?). Since the dress was all black, I knew I had to add some colours in my outfit. We all know that black is not the best colour for summer and we need to make it a bit more summer-y. I decided I will incorporate a blue colour because it's quite eye-catching. So ladies if you're ever in doubt about how many colours should you in your outfit, then I suggest you use one colour for the base and build around it. Per example I have a black dress so it would be best to use a lot of colours so that the black doesn't swallow me. I used these gorgeous blue wedges that are so comfortable and easy to walk in. Another great thing is that if you want to wear heels, then go for wedges because, in my opinion, they're so comfortable to walk in. I  also opted for this blue shoulder bag which I actually transformed it into a clutch - I just hid the strap inside the bag. The last thing that I did is I added this lovely blue statement necklace from Choies. I tucked it under the collar so that it doesn't look too much. It just rounds up the whole look.
When I put this outfit together, I thought of it as a perfect outfit when going for an evening walk in the city and just enjoying the scenery and maybe go for an ice-cream (preferably pineapple flavour).

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