August 10, 2015


Another day another post. I am getting good at this. I am telling you guys - if you have pre-planed posts, life gets so much easier and you are so satisfied with yourself. You've done a lot of work and you have time to do something else (maybe go shopping). I am enjoying these final days of school-free moments and I am trying to relax. When are you guys going back to school? Every time school year ends, I have the urge to watch all the TV shows and all the movies there are, but when I finally have the time to do it, I do everything else but watch movies. I don't know why. I'd love to watch Charmed or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Oh well I guess during school year will also be a good time to do it (I'm such a liar). That is why I procrastinate - I watch movies instead I do my homework or anything related to school work (don't we all). So I don't start school untill October but I still have a few exams that I have to re-take and that is what bothers me at the moment.
Anyways let's not talk about school and let's see what kind of outfit I have prepared for you. By now, I am sure you all know I like to wear cozy outfits and this one is precisely that. There is however a twist to these kind of outfits. I like to dress them up a little bit. I like to add a lovely necklace, or a lovely pair of heels, or an amazing purse. Those little things that makes me think I have a decent outfit that day and that I don't look like I just got up.
For this outfit I have an amazing loose jumper with a print on it and some plain denim shorts. I love wearing this kind of combination: tops with longer sleeves and a pair of shorts. I dressed up this outfit by adding a gorgeous layered necklace that has these cute triangles on it with an Aztec print. I have this amazing purse that I got for my birthday. So we can say that this outfit is not so plain, or am I wrong? What do you guys think?

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