August 02, 2015


Today was a pretty hectic day and I loved it. It was so busy and my sister and I did a lot of work. We shot 3 outfit posts and we also filmed them for a new Back to School video that we're preparing. Anyways let me tell you a bit about today. We went on a bus at 9AM and we got home at around 2PM-ish. At first it was gloomy and we didn't want to take pictures, so we went into our local drugstore Müller and got ourselves few bits and pieces. I also went to Lush and treated myself with a face scrub, because my skin feels so weird lately. In that time the weather got better and of course we took advantage of it and changed into our second outfit and shot another set of pictures. So I think that's a lot and when we got home we also took a few pictures in our hometown. I just love that feeling when you do a lot of things and you are satisfied with yourself.
Now I am here writing this post and trying to edited it. After that I have to try my new scrub from Lush and see if it's any good. This is actually my first product from Lush, so I hope it'll be satisfying.
Let's go onto the pictures. I have an outfit post (in case you didn't get it :P). I wore this gorgeous printed tank top, which you know I have an obsession with if you have read my previous post. I added this chain necklace to make the outfit appear edgier. Because of the gloomy weather, I also had this olive-green jacket. And my all-time favourite (and only one at the moment) slip-ons with an amazing snake print on them.
Hope you enjoy in the pictures. See you soon ❤️‍

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