August 06, 2015

THAT 70s

Time is passing by and today I want to show these amazing, breath-taking pants. They are 70s inspired and have a floral print all over them. It's made out of a sheer material but it has a lining in the right parts so it's all good girls AND I got these gorgeous pair of pants on sales-that's another perk. Let me know what you guys think about them. At first, I was totally against this trend but I guess if you don't try it out, you'll never know how it suits you. That's always how it goes with me and the new trends - I will hate some of them but then I'll love it and that's the end of story. So that's exactly what happened with the 70s trend. It's back and I'm diggin' it. I too have to confess that if the outfit doesn't include one piece from today's time, then I probably won't like it. Darn, I'm so complex.

I styled these beauties with a basic bright pink top and some platform sandals that I already showed you in one of my previous posts. I also added this lovely gold necklace to make the outfit more interesting and a gorgeous bracelet (similar here) that I got for my  birthday from my best friend.
Enjoy in this set of pictures and I'll talk to you soon ❤️‍

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