August 17, 2015


Who doesn't love Frozen? I think it was the most adorable animated movie and I just love Elsa's braid. That is by far the thickest hair I've ever seen (let's ignore that she's a cartoon). So let me tell you a story behind my hairstyle. Last week my cousin had her wedding and a week before it I still didn't know what kind of hairstyle should I have. So my mom experimented on my hair and believe it or not, she actually made it to do the braid exactly like Elsa's. I was amazed and shocked in a good way. The only trick to it is that you make a basic dutch braid and when you finish it you spread the braid out so it looks like you have so much hair. I was so surprised by the result and I thought it's a perfect hairstyle for a wedding in August-your hair is out of the way and you're not hot at all.
I really want to know what you guys think of this hairstyle and if my mom succeeded in making the replica of Elsa's hairstyle. I will see you soon ❤️‍

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