August 13, 2015


Hey guys!

Maybe you're already aware of my love for necklaces, whether they're big or small or chunky or just choker necklaces, I love them. I think my obsession with them started when I was in high school - you know when you change your style and you're searching for yourself. I have to say that everytime I had an outfit planned, I always added a necklace. It was sort of my signature. People knew me for my necklaces and they knew I would wear them all the time.

Over the years this changed a little. I went from very long and girly necklaces to both very simple ones and statement ones. I started discovering new types of necklaces and I was loving it. My sister also liked necklaces so that meant I had more of them to choose from. I also realised that if you added a necklace (or any piece of jewelry) your outfit becomes more interesting and dressed up.

When I started accumulating necklaces, my collection was very small of course but I was so happy about it. Everytime I got a new necklace or I bought one I would wear it immediately and just show everyone that I have it. As I said before I didn't concetrate on just one type of necklaces but I had everything. Of course at first all of my necklace were longer length and I would always wear a basic top, some skinny jeans, Converse and of course a necklace of my choice. Now I don't wear basic tops anymore (or very rarely) but printed tops and I cacme to know that you can also style it with a gorgeous statement necklace.

I just love the fact that you can have so much fun with necklaces. I learned so many new ways of wearing them and I am really content with how my love for them grew even bigger. I never you can have so much fun with one piece of accessory. I barely wear any other type of accessories but rings-they're the only thing beside necklace that I love collecting.

Today I want to show you one of my favourite necklaces that I happen to wear on a daily basis and I want to show you a new addition to my collection. It's this gorgeous necklace from Happiness Botique and you can find it on thir website HERE or just click a link under the picture to go straight to this necklace. When I saw this website I was amazed by it. The choice of necklaces is amazing. I would buy them all if I could. They have all types of necklaces and is almost impossible to choose just one. If you're a sucker for necklaces like I am, then you'll become obsessed with this site.
They also have a Reward Program where you can earn extra points and receive a jewelry or a piece of clothing. It's really amazing. If you want detailed information about it, then check out THIS.

Check out this necklace HERE

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