September 28, 2014


Here is my first ever post called OUTFIT OF THE DAY. You would think I had done one already but no. Currently I was watching MotoGP and writing this post at the same time. I am not sure about this combination but hey I did it anyway. College starts this Wednesday and I am SO nervous and have no idea what I'm going to do- new school, new people, new environment... Everything will be NEW! I will have to get the hang of it very quickly because everything else will be tough enough.
 I also went shopping yesterday and got some new clothes that I think are suitable for college. I will look more sophisticated maybe less teenager-ish (not that I don't like beaing a teenager)... I don't know we'll see.
On to the outfit: I decided to wear polka dots trousers, I added plain white top and over it I have a purple blazer because I wanted to add a bit of colour. I also have a golden, feather necklace to look more chic. As for the shoes I am wearing baby pink loafers.
I noticed that this picture above looks as it is summer and so hot but unfortunately isn't. It is fall and sun came out and I decided to use this lovely weather to go out and show you my OUTFIT OF THE DAY.

Tell me if you liked it and if you have some new things at the moment that make you nervous.