June 08, 2015


It's hectic I have to admit but I guess that's the life of a blogger and a student at once. Maja and I are always out and about and we are taking pictures of our outfits and it's really cool how we always manage to find time to do all of this. We also both have to study for our upcoming exams but we are quite chilled and I think we'll have good results. I have my oral exam tomorrow and I really hope I'll do well because that means one thing less to worry about when I'm on my holidays. So yeah we're getting there slowly.
I guess this post will be a bit shorter because I'm just waiting to go to sleep and wake up fresh and prepared for tomorrow. Let me tell you a bit about these pictures. They were taken in Ljubljana and, as you  will be able to see, some of my poses are a bit more edgier and that is because I wanted to try out different things in front of a camera. So I really had fun shooting it and I think it turned out pretty welll. I'll let you be the judge of that. I wore this well-known piece of mine - a vintage purple blazer, added some Zara leggings with a zipper at the side and a lovely floral top from New Yorker. And I have to thank Maja for lending me the shoes. Now enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave your opinions. Talk to you soon.
Photos by Maja

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