June 16, 2015


Woohoo I can't believe summer is already here (Let's ignore that it's raining where I live at the moment...). I got a bit chilly but I don't disapprove of it because the last few days were so warm (31°C). We're not going to talk about my exams because I feel that that's all I'm saying and I have a slight feeling that you could get irritated by that (I do when someone talks about school all the time). To be honest with you guys there's nothing interesting at the moment. I can't wait to finish school, I can't wait to finally go swim in a swimming pool, to watch my favourite TV shows... Those random things that you usually don't have time for when you're studying. I got to say that with all the exams and the blog and the YouTube channel, I think I am doing just fine (hope I didn't jinx that right now). Let me know some of your favourite TV shows or movies that you reccomend and I'll watch those as soon as my exams are over. 

I have an outfit post for you today. Since it's hot and summer I decided to dress for the occasion. I put this gorgeous mint green crop top from H&M and over that I added a black vest since I am not yet 100% comfortable with wearing crop tops. For my pants I decided to take these light jeans with a zipper at the end. Since I am a girl, I have a lot of things so I took this amazing white rucksack from Top Shop which I absolutely adore. I also have on my wedge heel sneakers to make me look a bit taller (who doesn't want that). Of course I had to have some accessories. I added 2 necklaces. They're very minimalistic which I really like at the moment and they're both from H&M. I then also added these lovely earrings which were a gift from my friend and I just love the aztec print on it.
Talk to you in my next post which might be a small restaurant review.... Not sure yet but I think it'll be soon. Let me know in the comments how you like my outfit for today. Hope you're having an amazing summer.

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