June 26, 2015


Hello hello. It's gotten a bit chilly where I live. Why? I did this hairstyle to remind myself that summer is already here, it's just that it's hiding somewhere. Just a little bit more and I will be able to enjoy my well deserved summer holiday. 4 more exams and then i'm going to come home and watch Full House and do nothing. I can't wait for that day to come.
As you can see this hairstyle has a bit of bohemian vibe in it and I love it. I've never had a hairstyle like that so I thought I should try to make it and see if I can pull it off. Basically I got this idea when I undid my braids that I braided a night before. I had these curls and it looked nice and I decided to pin sides of my hair and add random braids in it. That is basically it guys. It also looks good if you add a flower crown or just a random headband. Just have fun with it. You can also add more braids-it's a summery type of hairstyle so it's supposed to be fresh and effortless. Hope you like this hairstyle. Let me know what you think about it.

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