June 30, 2015

dress or...

I am back with this lovely laid back outfit post. I love to wear something like that for running errands. It makes me feel more comfortable and easier to do everythings. I believe you can also never go wrong with a simple outfit. You just choose your favourite pieces and your good for the day. You just need a small shoulder bag for the keys and phone. For my outfit I used simple colours for the actual base and over it I added this gorgeous checked dress. Yes you heard it right-it's a dress but there are buttons in front of it, so you can unbotton in whole. So there you have it. You can take different clothing and change their purpose. In my case the dress became a very light 'cardigan'. Now about the footwear. I opted for a safer choice and wore these brown sandals because there was a lot of walking that day. I think platform sandals would look perfect for an outfit like that- you would appear taller and the outfit would look more on point. Of course we need a pair of sunglasses since it's summer and now I'll let you see how the outfit turned out to be.

Let me know in the comment if you like wearing comfy outfits. Have a lovely day and I'll talk to you very soon.

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