June 13, 2015


I guess it's normal for me to write posts at 1 AM. Such a night owl I am. Not really.. I just remembered that I haven't posted in a long time so I am doing this now. At the moment my days are filled with studying and eating and sleeping and oh yes studying (in case I didn't say). So there aren't any big adventures in my life at the moment. The biggest highlight of this week was that I went to buy a pair of sandals which you'll soon see. I am literally in love with them and they're perfect for summer. At first they didn't have my size but I managed to get my hands on them anyway. I am so excited. Yea it's weird that I talk about shoes with so much passion... What to do. The girl loves shoes. You'll soon find out more about the shoes and now I am pretty sure it is time for me to go to sleep and relax. Tomorrow is a whole new day jst for studying. Yeeey I know... Let me know if you finished your finals already or do you still have to go through this like I do.
I am leaving you with this hairstyle that I actually never tried before and I experimented a bit. Since dutch braid and fishtail braid are two of my favourite braids to make, I decided to combine them and see what I am left with. Here are the results. Let me know if you like it.

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