June 02, 2015


Yuup guys it's starting. It's that time of the year... I have to study 24/7 and I can't take a break from it. It's 22.47 where I live and that's the only time I can write a post. Okay I wanted to write a new post because I feel like it. I finished writing a paper and I am at peace right now. I also studied and went to college this morning. A little bit of everything. Now it's the perfect time to sit down, drink some orange juice (I had cravings for it), listen to Ed Sheeran and write something. Lately I've been feeling so tranquil as I usually am not. I mean c'mon who can be calm when the exams are in two weeks? It's quite the opposite with me. How do you guys get through this?

I got it all planned out. I know which exam I will take first and so on. I just hope I did the right thing with choosing these dates. I think I know which of the classes are going to be easy and which are going to be, let's say, interesting. I am not a big freak when it comes to organizing certain dates or just organizing the time. My posting schedules are a great example of that. Will just see how it turns out. I will definitely keep you posted. For now I have passed 6 out of 14 classes. It's not that bad, I think. Oh and the last exam is on my birthday - July 10th. Funny :D I am only thinking about the vacation and I'm going to be able to sleep longer than I do now. It's the life of the student peeps. But I can't complain. It's quite fun and classes aren't obligatory. It's much more free than in secondary school. Okay don't know why I wrote that much. At the moment, I am listening to Birdy. Such an amazing girl and the voice is just... *speechless*
Onto the outfit. Maja and I took these photos last week and yes I am showing them to just now (awful I know). Since I got these new shoes, I am  obsessed with them. The snake print is just perfect and the faux leather around it goes perfectly with it. I decided to keep it simple and I added these plain skinny jeans and paired it with a vanilla part-sheer top. And can we talk about this adorable rucksack? I just had to have it. I had a lot of stuff with me that day and I needed something bigger. I decided on this lovely bag. I thought it's a great combo as it adds a slight colour to the outfit. Let me know what you guys think about it. Do you own any fun bags that spice up your entire outfit?

I think I'm gonna finish here and leave you with your thoughts on this outfit. Hope to hear some suggestions. Have a lovely day/night everybody.
Photos by MAJA

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