January 06, 2015

1st SNOW

The first snow guys. Whaaat? well it actually happened 28th December last year *wink*

It was really beautiful and my sister just said she wanted to go out and she grabbed the camera and we made some shots and of course we froze to death (almsost). We went to see how the forest looked. The untouched snow is so beautiful and special. It makes you feel so clean and calm. It really was a beautiful scenery to witness. Just look at some of the pictures and see for yourself. If you're a sucker for snow, then you'll love these pictures. I don't particularly like snow and the cold but seeing this kind of nature makes me so tranquil, special.
 Hope you enjoy watching these pictures and tell me if you already had some snow or if you live somewhere where there's no snow. Have a lovely beginning of the year.

My sister and I took these pictures. You can check her blog HERE