January 12, 2015


Hello lovely people!

I want to show you my everyday makeup look. That basically means what I put on my face every morning before I go to college or out with my friends. I am not an expert in makeup therefore my makeup is not at all something special or complicated. I mostly use all this to cover my spots and that I don't look very tired. I would love to experiment with it but I am not very patient with this and we all know this takes a lot of practice and time. I guess I am just satisfied with a little conealer and a mascara. And these two products are one of the things I use. So the whole process goes something like this:

1) Moisturizer (we don't want dry skin do we?)
2) Concealer. Mine is by Maybelline
3) Powder to set the concealer. Mine is by Rimmel.
4) Eyeshadow. Mine's Trio palette by Deborah
5) Mascara. I use the one by Maybelline-Rocket volum'
OPTIONAL (I use it very often):
6) Lipstick + lip-liner. At the moment since it's winter I like using dark shades. I bought one by Misslyn in the shade 119
6) Eyeshadow

Let me know if you are a big fan of makeup or is your routine something similar to mine. I'd love to see some of your posts about your Everyday makeup if you have. And this is how all these products on my face turn out to be ⤵ 

Photos by my sister. Her blog