January 27, 2015


Hello hello.
I have trouble sleeping even though I have a big test tomorrow but still I can't sleep. I don't think it's nerves but still... By the time this'll go up I'll probably already have written the test and get on with studying everything else since it's the period of exams at the moment. I am trying to do my best and not to fail any of the exams since it's my first year at UNI. Fingers crossed I'll do my best.

That being said, today I'm going to talk more about this RETRO style that invaded our lives so quickly and isn't planning t go anywhere. It somehow immersed into our fashion and it just decided to stay  maybe even forever. I actually really like this new sense of style because I always thought I was born in the wrong century. I even told my mom that I shouldn't be the 90s kid. Even though it's too late know *wink*. So I guess I'll just have to accept this fact and find some bits and pieces of old times somewhere else. I am actually pretty excited that it sneaked into fashion because it's something a lot of us girls and boys like. It wasn't a few days ago that I actually found out that I would love to evolve my sense of style more. Leja that's another topic STOP IT!

I -and hopefully you too- am here to talk more about retro style.To show you where you can see this sneaky little trend and with what you can combine it, so you'll still look absolutely fashionable. So I should probably start with the most obvious one: LEATHER JACKETS. They have been with us since the 40s/50s. Guys, James Dean already knew what fashion is all about. Since then, we've forgoten about it but they're back for quite some time now. You can never go wrong with them. Wear it with skinny jeans, skirts/dresses, tights,.. You can style them with anything and you'll look chic or rock. Plus the're different colours of them like seen below in the pictures. You decide.

Next thing that became popular again are BIG SUNGLASSES.Audrey Hepburn looked amazing with them and we got them back already in 2009-10. I think it's something like that. And they're still popular and present and I think they'll last a long time. I really like wearing big glasses especially on lazy morning when you look like a living dead. If you have them, you can look very chic and glamorous. Just be careful about finding the right shape for your face.

Another thing are SKINNY JEANS. I actually didn't know this is something we already wore in the past. It originated in 50s but were mostly worn by men since we-women-still wore skirts. But things changed. In the 80s this trend was beginning to get popular but it didn't last long untill now. We still wear skinny jeans and we rock in them. Again you can look super glamurous and polished with some heels or on the other side you can combine them with an AC/DC T-shirt and just rock at concerts. Skinny jeans became kind of a must in woman's closet and it should be if you feel great in them.

Last thing that I'll mention, even though there're a lot of other things that are worth mentioning, are the 60s DRESSES. I just love love love them. They make you look petite and some of them have collars which is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I also like that they end very close to the neck line and aren't too daring and we ladies don't have to worry we'll lose something (joke). So yeah guys I've been loving this dresses and I hope they never stop making them. 

These were all my choices that I wanted to present to you guys and I really hope you like. I really like that old fashion was brought back to our lives the way it can still look amazing and not old-fashioned as someone would say. Combining different styles is probably my favourite thing when I dress up in the morning. I am pretty satisfied with today's fashion.

Let me know if you like having retro trend or would you rather be more daring and try more of the futuristic stuff. Have an awsome week. xoxo

Disclaimer: all pictures were found on google by my amazing search capabilities.