January 15, 2015


Few of you know I really like reading and discovering new books. Recently I was cleaning my closet and saw my small collection of books. Then I started to think why don't I have them somewhere on display and for them to remind me to maybe re-read some of it when I am bored. And that's basically what inspired me to write this post- Why not write about something I really like and enjoy in it. So here it goes. I put all the books out and now all I had to do was find a perfect place for them. Actually I had no problem with that part because I have a shelf that is perfect and has no stuff on it. So now my books are on display for everyone to see them. I actually feel great because I am really proud of them. I know not many people like books or reading in general but I admit I'm a bookworm and a little nerd when it comes to novels. Since you came this far on reading my post, you can now scroll down to see this rich (at least for me) collection of my books.

Let me know if you read any of them and if you have any new suggestions for me. Have the best rest of the week guys. Talk to you soon.