January 21, 2015


At the moment it is the time for all my exams at the end of 1st semester and I've been so busy with studying and trying to write new posts. I am literally running out of time and that's why I haven't been so active on my blog lately. This is my first year at UNI and have no idea what to expect in the exams. But I got to admit that even though I have difficulties with time I am somehow more inspired to write new blog posts and to come up with new ideas. As if I know how to organize the time, when I'm more busy. That's actually perfect for me because then I don't neglect a single thing I should do. In the past I used to cancel all the plans or didn't write single post (my blog was not operating at all-out of business) just because I had exams and I honestly don't know why. Well that's in the past now and I guess I got enlightened by something or I just want to continue blogging as it is my only hobby and I really like it-I can do whatever I want with it ;) I don't have nothing special prepared but here are some pictures of me that I myself took -I am as astonished as you are- and are so random hehe.

Let me know what you've been up to and how do you organize your time. Maybe it'll help me and will be even more productive. Talk to you next time guys!