March 26, 2015

Hot Pink &Polka Dots

Another post that was shot lasst week and it was so lovely and sunny but now it's raining and everything is grey and just look sad. So to brighten everyone's day here's a sunny outfit post. I wanted to make it a bit different. I paired these cute polka dot pants with a baggy jumper from H&M which is so soft and perfect to live in it ;) As for my footwear I didn't want to wear any ballet flats or heels so I opted for these bright pink sneakers. I think it makes this outfit casual but at the same time it makes it look fancy enough to look like you put a lot of effort in it. I also added a white and gold shoulder bag which is also from H&M. Of course sunnies are a must so I have these big black ones from New Yorker. You may also know that my favourite thing to put on my face is liptick so I applied this dark purple-ish shade to make the whole look more daring and also a sleek ponytail. Over this whole outfit I put my all-time favourite coat from H&M that you see in most of my outfit posts. If you want to see this outfit in action, then you can head over to our channel Modern Moment

P.S: pictures were taken by my sister Maja. Her blog is here