March 19, 2015


I am sure you've all heard about the messy bun by now.
So yeah I decided to show you my version of a messy bun. I know everybody has a different way of making it but I thought I'd show you anyway. I love wearing it and it is by far the easiest thing to do when I don't have a lot of time or let's be honest I'm lazy and I don't have the will to do anything in the morning. The perfect sweater and I'm ready for some AHS and a cup of tea. I saw a lot of versions of this hairstyle but I was always upset because I couldn't never do the same as everybody else. After some time I realised that no one has the exact same messy bun as someone else. First of all the name says it: a MESSY bun and also we have different ways of making it.
So if you do a messy bun based on a tutorial that you saw on Youtube or Pinterest, then don't expect to be exactly the same. It'll turn out even better. So I hope these pictures inspired you to do your own 'version' of a messy bun and let me know if you did it. I'd love to see it. 

Let me know what you think about my bun and if you'd like to change/add anything. Have a lovely day.