March 09, 2015

into the wind

I am back with another outfit post. Who would have thought that I'd still have an outfit post to show. Well I am going to tell a little seccret on how this is working actually. Maja and I wrote down a plan when we have some free time after uni and it turned out that we both have 3 out of 5 days that we end our school duties almost at the same time. So this means that we really have time to create some new content for our blog and there's no excuse. Last week turned out to be pretty succesful and I am really happy about it. So that means you'll be able to see more outfit related posts and I will try and be good at something else too.

Two posts back I wrote about an easy hairstyle and this had such a great feedback that it made me inspired to do some more. Of course that means I'll have to come up with some new hairstyles but with Youtube and Pinterest I don't think this will be such a hard task-creating the actual hairstyle could be more of a problem. But let's leave this for now. I'll deal with it later when I'll have to actually make it. I am so excited to do some more because I didn't expect it to be so fun and like I said the feedback that you guys showed was so nice and motivational.

What's up with this post it looks like all I'm going to do is write and blabber about random things. Okay finishing with all this. Basically what I wanted to say and explain to you is that from now on my blog will be focused more on outfits/fashion, easy hairstyles and I think it'll be less focused on beauty things as I am not a big makeup addict myself. I don't know it never was a big deal for me to just go to the drugstore and get as many makeup products as possible. No no not that kind of gal :) Alright but I have to confess that when I do my makeup every morning, for uni, my favourite thing to apply is with no doubt lipstick. I always knew how to apply it and never had any big problems with it (which with eyeliner I always have and it ruins my whole day-I try to avoid it). So again I talk to much.

Let me tell you about this outfit. It was shot again in a very lovely park near the railway station. I got to admit that it was such a windy day but there were moments where it was so warm and the wind stopped blewing for a few minutes before it struck again. So I decided to show you gys this floral skater skirt which is made of a thicker material so it's not just for summer. Underneath I had brown stockings and on my feet I had this black chunky heels which are SO comfortable. Totally worth the money. As for my top I wore a basic cream/vanilla top and over it a grey-ish cardigan with these cool half-leather sleeves. To spicy the outfit up a little bit I added a silver necklace that kind of gives more edgier look to the whole outfit. And of course my black coat from H&M (always a winner). AND we mustn't forget about this amazing, gorgeous, to-die-for backpack. I mean guys you really need to get this kind of backpacks. They're fancy and fit a lot of things in it and it goes amazing with every outfit. I really reccomend it. Without further ado let me show you this creation of mine.

Let me know some of your favourite topics to read about and are you prepared for spring already? Have you had your wardrobe cleaned from all the jumpers and coats? Talk to you next time.

   Top: Zara (similar here)

Cardigan: H&M (here)

Skirt: H&M (similar here)

Stockings: Takko

Boots: H&M (similar here)

Backpack/Rucksack: Topshop (similar here)

**P.S.: all pictures are taken by an awsome blogger Maja unless otherwise stated. You can visit her blog here.**