March 16, 2015


I am really liking these outfit posts. I think I'm getting better at them but not sure. You could tell me how I'm doing and if I could use some guiding. My sister and I made this whole plan when we should go out and take pictures of outfits. It's getting pretty good and I'm so proud that we're sticking to it. I am telling you guys if you have troubles with bogging and posting, the best way to avoid any mess is to just plan EVERYTHING out. I am not kidding. You just got to take time, sit down and see where you have some free time besides the whole school/uni things, work,... We decided to use all the time that we have on our hands and so far it's going well.
I am listening to Nicole Cross' new cover I want you to know and I like it alot. Sooo let me just get to the outfit straight ahead.Since the title is called 'Vintage', I feel I should explain it to you. I am wearing this purple blazer which is actually that vintage piece. It's from my mum's closet and I decided to take it and declare it as my own. I have it for a while now but I wasn't qite sure with what I could pair it. So this time I decided to use my limited knowledge about mixing some pieces together and I think I did okay. So under the blazer I am wearing a basic grey tank top and I added this floral statement necklace. I added some black skinny treggings and those all time favourite black ankle boots from H&M. Since purple blazer wasn't enough, I decided to add this blue handbag.

P.S.: look at those Alps in the back. Pretty :)

Let me know guys if I did okay with this outfit or I completely messed it up. Enjoy the rest of the day.
Photos by ever so talented Maja. Go check out her blog.


  1. Pretty outfit!! & background :)) xx Maja

  2. Nice outfit! I like the dusty pink coat. The background in the pics is amazing by the way!


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