March 22, 2015


There it is the famous ski jump in Planica

Hello guys!

Yesterday I had a great time watching one of the most known sports in Slovenia. I've been to Planica with my friends and we had one of the best times ever (well at least I did) :D We watched Ski Jumping. In my opinion one of the best sports to watch and it's so exciting. And of course we have the best team of jumpers who won in a group discipline. 

Okay let's return to the beginning. The four of us decided we wanted to go somewhere and we decided to go and watch Ski Jumping. The departure was at 4.45 in the morning because they said the roads are going to be clogged. Well they weren't. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. The drive was enjoyable and we mingled and we met some of our peers. We laughed and started having fun already in the early morning whereas the others were still asleep and I think were a bit annoyed about it. Whoops...  We got there at seven and the whole event started at 9 o'clock. So we had a bit of  time to spare. Around us were a lot of people and we hanged together, met new people, talked about who was going to win today etc. We explored a bit of the fields. There wasn't a lot to explore since we were almost in the middle of nowhere. Well I got to admit that the view was spectacular. All around us were mountains and snow. So then it was 9 o'clock and we though it was a great time to come a bit closer to the whole event and cheer for our team. A lot of people were already there so we had to squeeze a bit to get as close as we could. Hence the slippery snow and that the terrain wasn't quite flat, we still enjyed and didn't mind. A few moments later we decided to find another group of friends who came seperately. With all the people around us that's the hardest thing to do but we managed to find them somehow. Well they found us actually. We joined them and continue to cheer for Slovenia and like I said we won. There were supposed to be 2 rounds of jumps but the wind was in the way so the judges had to call it a day. So after the first round our team was leading and already at the beginning proved to be the best. The other teams were really good and there was a bit of competition for the first place.

When we came to an end we still had some spare time and again we wandered around, had a little snow fight (I had snow in my shoes... SO delightful). The drive back was a bit tiring and I think I fell asleep twice but I knew I had to be awake because I still had to get home.

All in all I had the best time with my friends and the whole event was amazing and that our team won was also great. I think it's one of the best things we decided to go to. We'll just have to repeat it next year. Congratulations to our team and continue to be the best. 

Have you guys ever been to Planica and do you track this sport? Have a great day.

These are my good skills for taking pictures... just kidding. I tried my best :D

Great minds think alike-it didn't occur us to ask someone to take a picture of all the 4 of us...

That's the spirit girls!

P.S.: Excuse the pictures. They were taken with my phone.