March 06, 2015


I just couldn't wait for this day to come. Maja and I decided one day that we should go to our park in Ljubljana and we were both suprised. The day we've all been waiting for. Spring is back guys. When we planned this little strawl we weren't expecting such a beautiful day. The sun was shining all day, the temperatures were really high, everyone were outside. You could literally see the changes spring brought. I was so glad we decided to do this. We actually went to this park to take some shots for the blog and it really was such a beautiful surprise. It couldn't have been better. That feeling when there's little or no sun at all for a few weeks even is awful.

Scenery for our shoot was a park called Tivoli. It's the biggest park in Ljubljana and is just perfect for everything. I wore a black coat from H&M which you are all already very familiar with. You see if I knew the weather was so nice, I would have wear something more bright to emphasize my happiness for spring. Well let's continue with my outfit. I wore this cropped purple-ish jumper with a turtleneck. I actually stole it from my mom because it was of no use in her closet. I don't have any idea where it's from. I paired it with some black denim and my all-time favourite beige ankle boots. The last thing that I had was my handbag which is from H&M.