March 29, 2015


This hairstyle may look as it's the hardest thing to do but it's not guys. Seriously once you get the hang of it you would want to do it every day. You can check out this kind of hairstyle on every social platform. I found this one when I was browsing through the Youtube (again I know...). I have long hair and I never do anything with it so I thought to myself:  ''why don't I make something different this time?'' and so I embarked on this mission to suceed in doing this hairstyle and it turned out even prettier than I even thought it would be. The actual twist of this braid was not supposed to happen but I guess I was really tightening it while I was going on. This twist honestly makes it look as it is a DNA (at least in my opinion) and it's so wicked and fun to see. 
So I think that anyone who has longer hair should definitely try this out and have fun with it. I know I thought at the beginning that it'll look one big mess but I was really surprised in a positive way. Well guys get on with it and you'll see that everyone will want to know how you did this. You'll be turning heads for sure.

Share this post if you think someone else might want to try it out or are good with doing these kind of hairstyles. Till next time. Love