March 03, 2015


Hello lovely reader!

I am so excited to show you these beauty products. I am not that type of person to wake up in the morning an hour earlier and do my face all pretty. It's not that I don't want to is just the fact that I really don't know to do my makeup as good as others. Okay I can apply concealer and a bit of powder and a mascara. I can also do my lips quite decent (I think). So to make myself and my skills more productive I decided to get some new products. I know applying eyeshadow is pretty hard and to blend it evenly is even more impossible to do. So I bought two creamy eyeshadows by Maybelline. First shade which is more rosy is the number 65- Gold Pink and 35- On and On Bronze. It's much easier to use than a regular eyeshadow. The next thing that I instantly loved is also by Maybelline and it is called Lash Sensational. My lashes are longer and more thicker. The last and my favourite thing is this gorgeous lipstick by Misslyn and it is perfect for spring. So I kind of prepared myself for it. These products actually gave me a boost to start to learn how to do my makeup.

Tell me guys why do you love wearing makeup and some of your favourite products that make you WANT to get up half an hour earlier every morning. Have a lovely day everybody :)